Welcome to TAMS USA

Welcome to TAMS, Tenant Asset Management Services, LLC, a new collaboration of seasoned commercial real estate professionals. The principals of TAMS have been successful real estate advocates for commercial tenants throughout their careers. In that capacity we have been involved in representing tenants in all aspects of the tenants occupancy, including billing, landlord services, building maintenance and financial structure of the building, tenant and landlord.

Now, however, with vacancy rates rising in many real estate markets, more mistakes appear to be occurring and more landlords are not following their leases. Analysis, hard work and technical expertise are saving our clients millions of dollars.

Our goals for our clients:

  1. To achieve economic benefits for our clients;
  2. To bring the landlord’s administration of the lease back into compliance with the letter and spirit of the lease;
  3. To recover overpayments and prevent future misbillings, while working with you to preserve your relationship with your landlord;
  4. To provide a sense of confidence that your landlord is in compliance with the lease document; and
  5. To identify and remedy areas for improvement in the lease agreement and in future leases or amendments.

There are many firms engaged in lease auditing. They provide an important and valuable service for tenants. Although much of what we do can be characterized as lease auditing, we go much deeper into the landlord/tenant structure to achieve our goals. To illustrate this point, we would welcome the opportunity to work with a client after a standard lease audit has been performed, and we will do so on a contingent fee basis. We believe that lease auditing is so much more than an accounting function and must include a thorough understanding of all aspects of real estate. Our greatest benefits to our clients have been from our real estate and engineering knowledge, an understanding of the marketplace, building operations, financial structures and understanding landlord strategies. These are the dimensions that we bring.